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Update: Sigma Design Co Moves into New Product Manufacturing Center

Sigma Design Company  moved in on October 28th to its new  “Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center” in Middlesex, New Jersey.

Sigma Design Company – 200 Pond Avenue, Middlesex, NJ

The company is betting on the future of New Jersey manufacturing with its investment in 20,000 square foot facility at 200 Pond Avenue, Middlesex, NJ. The center offers up to 10 manufacturing cells – 500 sq foot or larger, that will be fully staffed and tooled with lean manufacturing for local production of complex electro-mechanical systems for the health, medical, consumer, clean, environmental, marine products and other sectors

In the coming years the company expects to  create new high-wage, high-tech jobs. The company plans to recruit technicians from places like Middlesex Country College and will recruit engineers from places like Stevens Institute of Technology.

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Smart Hedge Funds Step Up Investment in R&D for Locally Engineered & Manufactured Products

Our Point of View (POV): From Sigma Design Company, LLC

We applaud the hedge funds and private investors who are brave and smart enough to invest today for the technologies of tomorrow.  Early stage technologies, which historically had the highest risk profile, now have a better outlook given the stagnant macroeconomic environment.

As everyone knows, traditional safe industries have been whacked the past few years and others may be on the brink of new unknown disasters. At least many people are sitting on the sidelines on their cash and their backsides.  However, these once conservative plays in steady state businesses are no longer your dad’s (or mom’s) blue chips – and most have very little upside potential.  On the other hand, investments in R&D for emerging technologies and new product development have enormous upside potential with the right mix of success factors and players.

More importantly, investing in U.S. based entrepreneurship and new product engineering provides, and importantly grows, local know-how and good living wages. These are both critical assets that are fundamental to any sound economy and nation and also important for our families and neighbors.  So big kudos to those with the guts to go for the glory of spurring new technology commercialization and local engineering services and manufacturing in New Jersey USA during these uncertain times.

Onward and upward!

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Sigma Design Co Invests in New Jersey Expansion and Adds Contract Manufacturing Cells

Sigma Design Company, LLC announces the purchase of a new commercial property in central New Jersey and expansion to offer local manufacturing cells for customers. With its new 20,000 square foot facility, which is eight times its current footprint, the company is betting on the future of New Jersey manufacturing.  The new location has a new manufacturing center with up to 10 independent production cells to serve customers’ local production needs and the company will help customers to successfully bring novel technology products to market that are “Made in New Jersey”. Move in is scheduled for the end of October 2011 in Middlesex, NJ.

Sigma Design Company                200 Pond Avenue, Middlesex, NJ

“The time is ripe for business people to invest in a manufacturing renaissance in New Jersey”, said President, Jerry Lynch of Sigma Design Company – a product design, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing company. “We were at capacity, our team is primed, our clients seek growth and I firmly believe that now is the time for confident industrialists to invest in R&D for new engineered product development”, he added.  The company designs and optimizes creative engineering solutions for the medical/laboratory, renewable energy, clean technology, consumer products and other sectors.

“Later this year we will offer space at our new 200 Pond Avenue facility in Middlesex, NJ for small scale manufacturing as well as other resources to business ventures to more successfully ‘cross the chasm’ to technology commercialization”, added Lynch. Customer cells range from 500 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. to suite each customer’s requirement.

Come join us at our Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center!

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