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Our POV: A New Manufacturing Era is Critical to Grow America!

Almost every local and global economy is suffering or worrying about a financial meltdown. Leaders and citizens alike are struggling and feel the sting of the dwindling economic pie. While some are complaining, some occupying and others grandstanding, at Sigma Design Company we are taking positive action by working to promote a New Manufacturing Era. We are doing this by investing, creating, producing and employing.

Sigma Design Company is bullish on the inventiveness and ingenuity of the American people. We believe in ourselves, our suppliers, our clients and our collaborators. We have more than doubled down on US manufacturing by expanding eight-fold and by just opening (in October) a Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center in Middlesex, New Jersey.

We believe that we, and others like us, can compete right here in the USA and right here in New Jersey! We are doing this by conceiving, designing, and producing state of the art, high-valued, high-engineered systems and solutions for a range of industries. We bring team spirit, professionalism and innovative collaboration for total new product development and manufacturing. We seek to spur on others across this great land to stand up, work smart and be part of the solution to build a New Manufacturing Era. Come join us!

Sigma Design Company – Promoting a New Manufacturing Era in New Jersey and USA

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People Power: Meet Maureen O’Callahan Sigma’s Customer Quality Supervisor

Maureen O’Callahan Sigma Design Company

Every team needs a capable all around player to keep them on track and Maureen O’Callahan serves this role for Sigma Design Company.  As Sigma’s Customer Quality Supervisor, Maureen is the first point of contact for new customers. Our engineering team relies on Maureen, who prepares bills of materials for new projects, handles procurement and ensures on time receipt of materials to keep production moving. Rounding out Maureen’s responsibilities are vendor management, accounting and shipping. She is surely the glue that holds the team together!

Maureen joined sigma in 1999 after an18 year career with Fisher Scientific which spanned data entry, inside sales, project management and customer service. She is always ready with an encouraging word and, of course, with her famous bowl of chocolates which puts a smile on everyone’s face. What Maureen likes best about Sigma is “the constant change of job details.Nothing is ‘same old same old’. The job is ever changing along with our customers’ requirements, therefore, it is never boring.”

Contact Maureen to learn more about our product engineering, mechanical engineering or prototyping services;  or about our sourcing, manufacturing and assembly services in our Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center in Middlesex, NJ USA : telephone at (732) 629-7555, facsimile  (732) 629-7556  and

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Sigma Design Co at the 2011 Middlesex County College NJ Job Internship Fair

Sigma Design Company was a proud participant on November 9 at the 2011 Middlesex County Job and Internship Fair.

Kathleen Lynch, Sigma (Center) with Interested Students

Sigma with its new ‘Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center’ anticipates the need for engineering and technical professionals for high-wage, high-tech jobs in the coming years.

Sigma decided to jump start its sourcing efforts to identify quality candidates from New Jersey. “The Middlesex County Job Fair allowed us to put our name out in the marketplace and interact firsthand with potential candidates”, explained Kathleen Lynch, Marketing at Sigma.

Sigma Design Company – Promoting a New Manufacturing Era in New Jersey and USA

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Congratulations to Client WATTLOTS Whose SolarArbor™ Won “Top 10 Cool Products of 2011” by NJTC

Client WATTLOTS was designated a winner of the “Top 10 Cool Products of 2011” by the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC) on November 9th for their SolarArbor™ product. The base of the SolarArbor™ was designed by Sigma Design Company.

The SolarArbor™ is a uniquely styled parking lot canopy system that is specifically designed to retrofit existing surface parking lots providing substantial quantities of clean, renewable electrical energy where it is needed.

Sigma Design Company, of Middlesex, New Jersey,  developed the design for the base of the SolarArbor™ to provide stability and to enable rotation to maximize sun exposure. A working prototype is under testing in New Jersey and has already withstood an earthquake, a hurricane and a snow storm!

Stay tuned for more information about the development of this renewable energy product by WATTLOTS and Sigma Design Company.

Sigma Design Company – Turning Smart Ideas into Product Solutions

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Sigma Exhibited Cryo System Prototype at Cimquest Update Meeting in Teaneck, New Jersey

Please join us in applauding the Cimquest team for the great Update Meeting held on October 26th in Teaneck, New Jersey!

Cryo System Prototype by Sigma Design Company

It was our pleasure to demonstrate how we used SolidWorks for product design and then built a complete prototype using Stratasys FDM 3D Printing machine (Cryo System Prototype). The Cryo System is a laboratory apparatus for more effective tissue sample preparation.

Jerry Lynch, President (R) and Kathleen Lynch, Marketing (L), Sigma Design Company

We enjoyed meeting many attendees and sharing our passions about new product design and manufacturing. Over 200 companies participated in the one day event – including Stryker Orthopedics, LifeCell, The Estée Lauder Companies, Konica Minolta and Con Edison

It was truly an inspiring gathering of professional product designers and engineers.

Sigma Design Company – Turning Smart Ideas Into Product Solutions

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New Product Demonstration of MotionPower™ System to Generate Sustainable Electricity From Moving Cars – a Design/Prototype by Sigma Design Company

New Energy Technologies, Inc. and the City of Roanoke, Virginia, jointly debuted, on October 22, 2011, the latest MotionPower™ Express system, capable of generating sustainable electricity from moving vehicles. MotionPower™ assists vehicles in slowing down, and in the process, captures the slowing vehicle’s motion (kinetic) energy before it is lost as brake heat and friction, thus converting this energy into electricity.

DEMO MotionPower™ Express in Roanoke, VA – Designed by Sigma Design Company

The lead engineer for the company is Mr. Jerry Lynch, President of Sigma Design Company of Middlesex, New Jersey. Sigma designed and built the prototype of this clean alternative energy product.

This first-ever public demonstration of New Energy’s brand new roadway technology was demonstrated at the Roanoke Civic Center in Virginia, a high-traffic volume entertainment, convention, and cultural complex from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, October 22, 2011.

The live demonstration provided “important information that is the vital engineering link to rapidly developing our technology for commercial deployment.” stated John Conklin, President and CEO of New Energy Technologies, Inc.

Once fully optimized and installed, engineers anticipate that MotionPower™ devices may be used to augment or replace conventional residential or commercial electrical supplies used to power roadway signs, street and building lights, emergency power storage systems and other electronics, appliances and devices used in homes and businesses.

Made in the USA – Made in New Jersey – Made by Sigma Design Company

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