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People Power: Michael Collins, Mechanical Engineer

Michael Collins started at Sigma Design Company several years ago as a mechanical engineering co-op student. Michael was studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mechatronics and Product Design at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. After graduation he began his career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Philadelphia, PA as a mechanical engineer. After some prodding he returned to Sigma being hired full-time in April and is working on new project engineering and design. Michael also supports manufacturing and work cell development.

Michael working on the wiring of the WATTLOTS Power Arbor™ base.

As a Mechanical Engineer, Michael brings a sound understanding of engineering fundamentals and creativity to Sigma’s clients and projects.

Recently, he has worked on the WATTLOTS Solar Power Arbor’s™ ; a Sigma-manufactured solar tracking base for PV solar parking lot canopy systems.
He has also worked on our Glen Mills French Press G-M™, which is used for Life Science cell studies. The system provides cell homogenization for researchers. His latest design project is a novel exercise device whose purpose is to assist users while performing squats, and a saucer for children to use in the ocean where they will moved from the incoming wave before being placed back on the beach.

Michael enjoys the variety of projects he works on at Sigma. “Every project forces me to gain insight into a topic I had never looked at before,” he said.

When he’s not working, Michael spends a lot of time at the beach, since he is an avid surfer. He also enjoys woodworking and is a home brewer.

SIGMA Design Company Offers a TEAM of Professional Designers and Engineers

Our Capabilities: Advanced Engineering Analysis

Sigma Design engineers are experts at using advanced engineering analysis tools to refine new products and systems. These skills provide the development and analysis of complex mechanisms and intricate process equipment material selection through motion and fluid flow analysis, heat transfer, stress analysis and material selection.

Heat transfer: Finite element analysis developed 3D model to optimize hot nitrogen cooling plenum design.

The benefits of advanced engineering analysis lets you better understand your product and its limitations.

Advanced engineering analysis allows for the visualization of actual deflections, stress levels, heat transfer and fluid flow profiles in parts and assemblies, which may have been ignored in the past.

You may also be able to uncover non-obvious and sometimes counter intuitive design flaws early and fix them.

Computational fluid dynamics analysis: Centrifugal particle separation and hydrodynamic swirl in an industrial water system.

Kinematic simulation and stress analysis of a heart dilator.

Learn more about our capabilities by viewing SIGMA’S online brochures.

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Sigma Design Co Exhibited at Medical Device Conference

Sigma Design Company was a proud participant on November 15 at Collaborative Innovation…The Next Generation of Medical Devices. The event, which was co-hosted Rutgers University’s Office of Technology and Commercialization and UMDNJ, included presentations and networking.

Jerry Lynch, right, President of Sigma Design Company talks with attendees at conference.

Sigma has experience in electro-mechanical product development for: medical, analytical and diagnostic equipment.  R&D labs use Sigma to convert their ideas into innovative commercial products.

The conference brought together many in the medical device field and we enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by our table to learn about all of the capabilities Sigma has to offer.

Sigma Design Company – Turning Smart Ideas Into Product Solutions

Sigma Launches Food Industry Page

Sigma Design Company provides new product development and process equipment design for the food industry. From novel kitchen gadgets, to appliances, and process systems, Sigma will work with you from concept to market on your food-related needs.

Philips Manufacturing Technology Center’s (PMTC) 600 cup per minute filling system and spin weld cap system.

Sigma’s capabilities include, but are not limited to: food-processing machinery, water processing appliances, electrical housewares and portable appliances, commercial appliances and household cooking appliances, analytical appliances, testing equipment and water filtration appliances.

In addition to acquiring culinary skills, students at Middlesex County College (MCC) are thoroughly trained in sanitation, HACCP, and safe equipment use. In fact, Sigma Design and MCC have an agreement to collaborate in the review and testing of new food product designs.

Click here to view Sigma’s food industry page.  

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