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Photo Realistic Plastic Design

A new venture start-up company had a unique idea for a baby bottle, which was easy to clean, BPA free and has a slow to medium flow rate. The bottle features two interchangeable lids and a wide-neck body design. In order to take their idea to a reality, they contacted Sigma Design.

Armed with only a Photoshop image of what they wanted, Sigma was able to create a photo realistic 3D CAD model that can be used for product marketing going forward.

Client's artist rendering, left, and Sigma's 3D CAD model.

Client’s artist rendering, left, and Sigma’s 3D CAD model.




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Sigma’s Capabilities: Computational Fluid Dynamics

One software tool available to Sigma engineers is computational fluid dynamics, or CFD. Used to analyze the flow of fluids (gaseous or liquid), CFD is a powerful tool capable of solving some of engineering’s toughest challenges. CFD can handle a wide range of problems, including: external fluid flow around a part or assembly, internal fluid flow through cavities (such as a heat exchanger) and heat transfer through solid bodies.

CFD’s heat transfer capabilities have been of particular help to Sigma’s clients recently. The software can simulate heat loads to specific areas and calculate the heat lost to the surrounding environment via convection. We can also add additional fluids to the analysis, such as an internal water cooling channel to simulate real-world operation. By capturing all of the relevant heating and cooling elements, a highly accurate model of how complex assemblies behave under varying thermal conditions is created. Engineers and customers can then review the temperature of parts, heat loss, cooling requirements or even thermal expansion between adjoining parts. All of this data can be put to use by making more informed design decisions.

Sigma engineers have years of experience in analyzing fluid flow and heat transfer through complex parts and assemblies. By utilizing powerful CFD software, Sigma can provide quick feedback on proposed designs before reaching the prototype phase.

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