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Need a Prototype? Sigma Can Deliver

Sigma’s 3D Rapid Prototyping FDM Machine can take your design concept and create it in three days.

A human head model was a recent prototype that Sigma manufactured for Kelly Burke, a doctoral candidate at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx.

Human head model 3D prototype.

Human head model 3D prototype.

The research lab is investigating sensory processing in Autism and other developmental disorders using EEG and fMRI. For one of their studies they needed to create a custom, high-density EEG cap. In order to know where to put the electrodes in the cap, they needed to print a head model with the points on them, and contacted Sigma.  After receiving the Solidworks (STL) file, the model was ready to be shipped 3 days later.

“Sigma Design was an easy pick for this project not only because they gave the lowest quote, but more importantly they were the best at responding right away, and printed out exactly what we wanted in less time than they estimated,” Burke said. “Sigma answered all of our questions, took care of the paperwork, were careful about each detail, and the output head model is perfect! They made the process go so smoothly and accurately and I am already using the cap for our study.”

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No Toying Around

Think toys are merely child’s play? Think again.


CAD Designer Hayati Dirim works on Loveable Lola.

Sigma was hired to design and create a working prototype for the animatronic children’s dog toy, Loveable Lola, which can be used for further manufacturing and design efforts.

Lola, a female boxer canine talks when the front right paw is pressed. She then walks, wags her tail, wiggles her hips, moves her head up and down and side to side.

Sigma used mechanical design, electrical design, and auxiliary component design skills in the making of this intricate prototype.

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Summertime Toy Ready to Hit the Waves

Sigma Design helped turn inventor John O’Shaughnessy’s beach toy idea into a reality.

The Swash Board prototype built by Sigma Design.

The Swash Board prototype built by Sigma Design.

Swash Board is a circular disk with handles on each side and a rope handle that children can use to play in the ocean. Sigma created the first working prototype.

O’Shaughnessy came up with the idea after he watched his kids sit on their boogie boards along the sand and wait for waves to ride up along the shore. “Once the waves came up along the shore the kids would be moved around by the water. We thought it would be better if the device they were sitting on was round then they could spin, move around faster and farther. Also, having small children, we liked the idea of the kids being able to play on a watercraft close to the shore and not too far out in the ocean. So once we returned home from the shore we decided to go for it and have a prototype made,” he said.

The design can float holding a person weighing 60 pounds or less. Sigma created the disc using density foam, layered with fiberglass to create a hard finish. Orange neoprene was put on the topside to create a soft pad to sit on and to create a colorful look.

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