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Global Manufacturer of Engine Filters Saves 3 Months and Thousands of Dollars in Cyclic Fatigue Testing Program

A globally known filter manufacturer had a fast-paced program and needed help to reduce their test program time.

A non-linear plastic simulation analysis.

A non-linear plastic simulation analysis.

Starting with a first-pass iteration of a filter canister design, Sigma engineers used non-linear plastic simulation analysis to determine whether long-term cyclic loading would be likely to cause permanent deformation, and worse yet, failure.

After further simulation review we found that there were certain areas in the molded housing that were suspect to failure. As often found in these analyses, the defects were less than obvious.

The software and Sigma’s engineering analytical skills uncovered these areas, which saved the client needed time and money. The client modified the design and went to physical testing, saving 2 to 3 weeks of iterations. This insight got their program back on track and on budget.

Sigma’s engineering experience helps product launches stay on schedule by removing the unforeseen obstacles that delay new product development progress. Our team is capable of performing Linear Stress, Non-Linear Plastic Deformation, Computational Fluid Analysis, as well as other specialized engineering software.

Sigma Recognized at Made In New Jersey Event

Made In New Jersey

Sigma was honored at the breakfast with a Made In New Jersey plaque.

Sigma Design Company was among the New Jersey manufacturing companies honored at New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program’s (NJMEP) Made In New Jersey Breakfast.

The event was held at Rutgers University on October 4th, which celebrated National Manufacturing Day and included a panel discussion on “Why New Jersey?”

Sigma has always believed in the future of New Jersey manufacturing and helping customers successfully bring novel technology products to market that are “Made In New Jersey.”