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Engineers’ Brewing Club at Sigma Design

Making beer: four ingredients, easy right? Like a beautifully crafted artisan loaf, beer making is both an art and a science.

While the basic formula remains the same, it’s the careful process and handling of each ingredient that creates the most memorable brews.

At Sigma Design, where we approach our design work with the same care and attention to detail, we have decided to make beer brewing our next venture.

The Engineers’ Brewing Club will brew its first batch under the direction of Sigma Design Mechanical Engineers Mike Collins and Bruce Knapp.

Bruce won the silver medal in the homebrew Witbier category at the New Jersey State Fair last year.

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Prevention Invention

Anyone with a gas stove has probably had the scary experience of realizing that they have left the stove burner on. Unlike today’s refrigerators that call you back to the room when you have left the door ajar, most gas burners provide no indication that they are still on. A simple mistake could lead to a deadly fire in your home. Burner Disc

Matthew Porraro came to Sigma Design with a solution to prevent kitchen fires. Porraro invented a plastic disc that attaches to each knob on the stove, which illuminates when the burner is on. Sigma Design took his initial design and prototype and improved it, integrating a light circuit and an audible alarm.

BurnerAlert™ is the only reminder and timer product on the market that will retrofit on gas and electric stoves.

This is just one example of the projects that come to the Sigma Design team. Like BurnerAlert™, let us take your smart idea and turn it into a viable product!