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The Engineers Brew Club (EBC), which launched last summer, has already produced over 65 gallons of beer.  We spend our evenings talking a lot about how a good beer is about both brewer skill and system efficiency.  While certain characteristics of the beer can be predicted by the formula, it is the beer maker’s ability to control the process variables that affect the outcome.  At EBC we are working to not only make good beer but to create an efficient system– as we do with all Sigma projects.

IMG_0550 (1)

The group met this month to carefully prepare two sixtels ( for the 6th annual Chili Cook-Off and Home Brewing Contest in Hoboken on March 1st (

 In our six months we’ve brewed a Session Ale, a Baltic Porter, and the George Washington Porter.  In our opinion, our best beer to date was the Baltic Porter so that will be our entry for the event.  Our exclusive, all grain formulauses six types of malt and two types of hops.  It is currently in its three step lagering process to develop its distinctive flavor. 

 The term lagering refers to the process of temperature controlled fermentation and aging that beer undergoes at cold temperatures.  How long to lager is subject to debate, depending on the beer style.  In five+ weeks the beer will be kegged and carbonated, just in time to submit our samples to the judges on February 14th!  Wish us luck!