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Sigma & Cooperative Education

When was the last time you were truly ‘off’ for the summer? Even during college more and more students spend summers working and learning in an internship opportunity.  At Sigma Design Company we are proud of our affiliation with several NJ universities and their cooperative education programs. Working with interns is a mutually beneficial experience because when we ‘teach we learn again’ and teaching an intern is just one way to recharge and revitalize.   It is a special partnership that brings great rewards to all involved. The ‘excellent intern’ brings the latest engineering theories to life in an applied setting. Our most recent intern, Dustin Heitner described his work at Sigma Design…

26a0291c-7e16-4ff5-acfa-f004bc2db98a“From learning how to conduct yourself in a working environment, to carrying out tasks relevant to your area of study, an internship exposes a student to everything they are studying for.  The value behind producing work for a customer, rather than producing work for a grade is substantially greater.  An internship gives a student the opportunity to realize what they are studying for; it can even give them incentive to work harder back in the classroom to allow them to develop their skills as a better employee.  Internships are a necessary tool in shaping a student and preparing them for the career that they hope to pursue.”

Dustin especially enjoyed refining his skills using SolidWorks on real projects (  Sigma Design uses SolidWorks in the design of new products and for simulation projects. To read about a project click here!

Prototypes with a Twist

An inventor needed a customized auger for an unusual application. The problem was that it could not be produced using traditional  CNC machine methods or as an injection molded plastic part. So, a few hours spent with a product development expert at Sigma resulted in the complex blade geometry needed for the auger in a process that could be readily manufactured.

 With our Rapid Prototyping FDM machines we can take your design concepts and grow ABS plastic parts. Used as a quick, proof of concept development tool, parts can usually be created, manufactured and shipped in just two (2) days.

Sigma Design is ready to:
*Take your geometry and produce prototypes.
*Design new geometry and produce prototypes.
*Develop and manufacture prototype devices, specialty production equipment and controls with testing capabilities in-house.