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Manufacturing Must Play a Significant Role in Improving the US Economy

This is the mantra inside the walls of Sigma Design Company, where we believe our talents will play a part in moving USA manufacturing innovation forward. Our manufacturing knowledge, when combined with new engineering technologies, such as 3D printing and product simulation have helped us create successful designs for new ventures single person innovators, large Fortune 500 divisions, and the military. Your ideas and our ability to bring them to life, will keep the US at the forefront of manufacturing and increased productivity.

Our beliefs are right in line with those of the NAM (National Association of Manufacturing), a group of over 11,000 manufacturing companies consisting of 12 million people who make things in America. The NAM advocates for policies that will keep the US competitive in the global marketplace.

Check Out Our New Website!


And with good reason! Our marketing team has been quite busy and is pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We hope you will find the navigation easier, the visuals more pleasing and the website more informative.

30+ development projects are now described in detail. These “success stories” highlight the many areas where SIGMA Design Company can assist you to:
  • Create better products and machines
  • Launch more designs in less time
  • Help manufacturers create new revenus streams
  • Reduce new product time to market
  • Improve quality / reliability of existing parts and designs
  • Value engineer designs to increase business profit margins

Check out our brand new Sigma Design website NOW!