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Sigma Design Company Exports Fuel Filter Testing System For Army Desert Vehicles – A Global Collaboration

Anyone who has waited too long between car oil changes knows how things start to slow down and wear out. Now imagine sitting in a military vehicle in the desert on a critical mission; well this is not the time for your diesel fuel filter to be clogged or you will be a “sitting duck”. What to do? Well the Army conducts extensive testing on automotive fuel filters to avoid such events and to ensure efficient operation of military vehicles used in desert terrain. For this important preventative work the Army is using a new state-of-the-art Fuel Filtration Testing System that was made by Sigma Design Company Middlesex, New Jersey. On December 1, 2011 Sigma Design and IFTS Inc. USA shipped the first system for export to the Middle East.

Fuel Filter Test System of Sigma Design Company

The order was initiated from Chrysler Egypt and US TACOM earlier this year and IFTS, Inc. USA collaborated with Sigma Design Company to develop and fabricate the system. The Fuel Filtration Testing System was designed from scratch and the work started with a visit to Cairo by Jerry Lynch, President of Sigma Design, for a pre-concept engineering design meeting with the Egyptian Army engineers. Parts were designed and sourced in the USA, then assembled into a complete system and finally validated through strict protocols prior to shipment of the 10 x 5 x 7 foot laboratory system.

This diagnostic laboratory based filtration equipment will test diesel fuel filters for efficiency and dirt holding and retention capacity for mission critical vehicles to be used by the Egyptian Army. This effort is part of global automotive filter manufacturers’ requirement under ISO 4020 for diesel fuel filter testing. The laboratory system is being procured under the “Buy America” project of the United States Army.

Fuel Filter Testing System (inner)      of Sigma Design Company

The Fuel Filter Test System determines the filtration efficiency and lifecycle capacity per ISO 4020. The Army will test filters for use on various fleet vehicles including Diesel / Petrol engines (2.4 & 4.0L gas engines, 2.8LVM diesel engines, 4 / 6 / 8 Cylinder Jeeps).

“This is a great example of Sigma Design’s role in bringing global manufacturing for export back to New Jersey”, explained Jerry Lynch, President of Sigma Design.  “With increased orders for filtration laboratory equipment like this, Sigma Design expects to hire additional engineers in 2012”, he added.

The client turned to IFTS and Sigma Design Company due to their special expertise in applied engineering and science for filtration for all types of substances – such as oil, water, blood and other fluids. Sigma Design was selected by IFTS because Sigma had previously designed and supplied the United States Navy with a filter test system to evaluate desalination pre-filters on the CVNX Aircraft Carriers as well as their experience in the development of laboratory equipment and appliances.

Lynch, who is also co-owner of IFTS, Inc. USA, has been active for 25+ years in the area of filtration systems design and testing and has served on the Board of the American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) for over 10 years ( In fact, Lynch was the AFS National Chairman for 2006-2007.

With this set of competencies and manufacturing track record, the Sigma Design/IFTS collaboration is ready to deal with any type of filtration challenge. And with Sigma Design’s new 20,000 square foot Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center that opened October 2011, Sigma looks forward to designing and assembling many new highly engineered filtration systems in the coming years.

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Sigma Exhibited Cryo System Prototype at Cimquest Update Meeting in Teaneck, New Jersey

Please join us in applauding the Cimquest team for the great Update Meeting held on October 26th in Teaneck, New Jersey!

Cryo System Prototype by Sigma Design Company

It was our pleasure to demonstrate how we used SolidWorks for product design and then built a complete prototype using Stratasys FDM 3D Printing machine (Cryo System Prototype). The Cryo System is a laboratory apparatus for more effective tissue sample preparation.

Jerry Lynch, President (R) and Kathleen Lynch, Marketing (L), Sigma Design Company

We enjoyed meeting many attendees and sharing our passions about new product design and manufacturing. Over 200 companies participated in the one day event – including Stryker Orthopedics, LifeCell, The Estée Lauder Companies, Konica Minolta and Con Edison

It was truly an inspiring gathering of professional product designers and engineers.

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New Medical Device Product Launch: Glen Mills / Zellwerk Z®RP Reactor System, Cell Tissue Engineering Apparatus Improves Laboratory Productivity

Commercial shipments have started of the “Glen Mills / Zellwerk Z®RP Reactor System” – a cell disruptor and high-pressure homogenizer that dramatically improves cell culture and tissue engineering capabilities for laboratories.  “Based on a 60 year old medical device, that is still valid, the System was newly engineered by Sigma Design Company of Springfield, New Jersey with great operational and safety improvements”, explained Mr. Stanley Goldberg, President of Glen Mills, Inc., Clifton, NJ.  Sigma Design completed the new product design and engineering of the pilot System in December 2010 and went to full commercial production by August 2011.

GlennMills Reactor System – Designed & Assembled by Sigma Design Co

The System with Glen Mills/Zellwerk Z®RP Technology,utilizes high pressure to burst cell walls. The GM French Press uses a hydraulic press and carefully machined parts to produce pressures up to 40,000 psi. Culturing of adherent cells/tissues in a sterile natural 3-D environment continuously for over 12 months allows for impressive cell densities exceeding 10^10 all in a compact laboratory tabletop apparatus. This massive concentration of cells (up to 10,000x more than conventional systems), in the Glen Mills / Zellwerk Z®RP Reactor System opens new areas for development in medicine, cell research, tissue growth for replacements, large-scale biomedical production by perfusion, and others. The medical device equipment complies with GLP, GCP, GTP and GMP standards.

The Reactor System is currently being manufactured by Sigma Design Company at its Springfield, NJ location. However, in house production will shift over to Sigma’s new Middlesex, NJ expanded operations by the end of this year. Glen Mills  will continue to handle medical device sales to their end customers.

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