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A Showcase of New Jersey Innovation

Sigma Design was among the many New Jersey companies to exhibit at the New Jersey Technology Conference’s (NJTC) Venture Conference held in New Brunswick on March 22. The conference gives companies a stage to showcase their products or services to members of the investment community.

Jerry Lynch, left, President of Sigma Design Company talks with an attendee at conference.

Jerry Lynch, left, President of Sigma Design Company talks with an attendee at conference.

Sigma’s exhibit booth showcased a Tissue Embedder and Cryo prototype that was made in-house by Sigma. The Cryo System is a laboratory apparatus for more effective tissue sample preparation.

We enjoyed meeting many attendees and sharing our passions about new product design and manufacturing.  Sigma is a proud member of NJTC and supports its mission.

Sigma's exhibit table at the NJTC Venture Conference.

Sigma’s exhibit table at the NJTC Venture Conference.

Sigma Design Co Exhibited at Medical Device Conference

Sigma Design Company was a proud participant on November 15 at Collaborative Innovation…The Next Generation of Medical Devices. The event, which was co-hosted Rutgers University’s Office of Technology and Commercialization and UMDNJ, included presentations and networking.

Jerry Lynch, right, President of Sigma Design Company talks with attendees at conference.

Sigma has experience in electro-mechanical product development for: medical, analytical and diagnostic equipment.  R&D labs use Sigma to convert their ideas into innovative commercial products.

The conference brought together many in the medical device field and we enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by our table to learn about all of the capabilities Sigma has to offer.

Sigma Design Company – Turning Smart Ideas Into Product Solutions

SIGMA Helps Redesign Surgical Supplies Stand for USA Market Relaunch

SIGMA is capable of improving the functionality of various industrial, consumer and healthcare products for relaunch into the marketplace. One example is the surgical supplies stand, which was recently introduced from Europe to the US surgical market by our customer.

The global fortune 500 medical supply company identified a ‘bell weather’ product used for over 30 years in Belgium and German. This seemingly utilitarian supply cabinet plays a crucial role in hospital surgery rooms for efficient organization and on-demand availability of critical surgical supplies.

Surgical Supplies Stand, a SIGMA Redesign for US Market

Surgical Supplies Stand, a SIGMA Redesign for US Market

In order to introduce this product into the US market the customer needed to adapt its design to accommodate the different sizes of surgical supplies in the US. So the surgical cabinet drawings needed to be reworked from the metric system to the US Unit system (based on inches) for manufacturing in the US. One challenge was to produce CAD manufacturing drawings in US standards (inches) from old hand drawings (metric).

SIGMA helped in this product relaunch for the US by creating a more futuristic look, improving certain features, suggesting design improvements and recommending materials. New functionality was added to allow for carrying, pushing, spinning or connecting the surgical supplies cabinet to the wall of an operating room.

The updated product was successfully released by the customer in the US surgical market with new functionality for better productivity for surgeons and their teams.

Sigma Design Company –  Reverse Engineering and Design for Product Relaunches

New Medical Device Product Launch: Glen Mills / Zellwerk Z®RP Reactor System, Cell Tissue Engineering Apparatus Improves Laboratory Productivity

Commercial shipments have started of the “Glen Mills / Zellwerk Z®RP Reactor System” – a cell disruptor and high-pressure homogenizer that dramatically improves cell culture and tissue engineering capabilities for laboratories.  “Based on a 60 year old medical device, that is still valid, the System was newly engineered by Sigma Design Company of Springfield, New Jersey with great operational and safety improvements”, explained Mr. Stanley Goldberg, President of Glen Mills, Inc., Clifton, NJ.  Sigma Design completed the new product design and engineering of the pilot System in December 2010 and went to full commercial production by August 2011.

GlennMills Reactor System – Designed & Assembled by Sigma Design Co

The System with Glen Mills/Zellwerk Z®RP Technology,utilizes high pressure to burst cell walls. The GM French Press uses a hydraulic press and carefully machined parts to produce pressures up to 40,000 psi. Culturing of adherent cells/tissues in a sterile natural 3-D environment continuously for over 12 months allows for impressive cell densities exceeding 10^10 all in a compact laboratory tabletop apparatus. This massive concentration of cells (up to 10,000x more than conventional systems), in the Glen Mills / Zellwerk Z®RP Reactor System opens new areas for development in medicine, cell research, tissue growth for replacements, large-scale biomedical production by perfusion, and others. The medical device equipment complies with GLP, GCP, GTP and GMP standards.

The Reactor System is currently being manufactured by Sigma Design Company at its Springfield, NJ location. However, in house production will shift over to Sigma’s new Middlesex, NJ expanded operations by the end of this year. Glen Mills  will continue to handle medical device sales to their end customers.

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