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Where’d You Earn Your Stripes?

It’s hard to talk about going down to New Orleans without mentioning oysters, po’boys and beignets. But food had to take a back seat during a recent trip to the Big Easy where over 40 McDermott International employees gathered for a reunion. A street car to the Garden District brought us to Bruno’s Tavern to meet with the men who designed, fabricated, and constructed some of the largest marine equipment in the world during the 80’s & 90’s. These projects sent us to Singapore, Spain, Dubai, and our favorite assignment, the south of France. A typical project would require 18 hour days with an occasional day off with this new ‘family’ of expats. The work required supervising large groups of machinists, welders, riggers, and electricians with the task of building monstrous-sized cranes, installing deep sea platforms, and laying hundreds of miles of deep sea gas and crude pipelines.McDermott DB 101The bonds formed living and working together years ago were evident as each person shared stories from then and now. A recurring theme heard throughout the day was about the novice sent into the field, some as young as 22, without any real experience or preparation for the work and responsibility for which they were hired.   They credited McDermott International, originally headquartered in New Orleans, for hiring the right people, giving you a job to do and the tools that were needed to do it, and then just leaving you alone.   You were hired for your ability to work smartly and independently.

These experiences, particularly the offshore projects created the foundation that makes Sigma Design Company able to handle today’s challenging engineering projects. What an adventure it was! It was so great to see everyone! Thanks to Mike McIntosh, Rich Lockwood and Richard Smith for bringing so many of us together.


People Power: Thank You and Best Wishes to Kathleen Lynch, Marketing, SIGMA

Kathleen Lynch who has enhanced Sigma’s marketing activities since last summer is leaving Sigma Design Company for a position to promote art projects in nearby New York City.

Kathleen Lynch, Marketing SIGMA

Kathleen Lynch, Marketing SIGMA

Kathleen, a 2010 Rutgers University Graduate spent a year in France, working in the art world, before joining Sigma in July 2011. Since then she was instrumental in designing a new look and feel of Sigma’s marketing collateral and trade show messaging. Kathleen also served as a representative of Sigma at industry trade shows (see SIGMA’S Cimquest story) and college recruitment fairs (See SIGMA’S Middlesex County story). Kathleen provided not only a much needed visual sensibility during Sigma’s expansion and opening of our 200 Pond Avenue Center, but she generously shared her enthusiasm with us all and brightened the office every day.

Kathleen started in March at a New York non-profit that produces public art projects in New York City, where she will combine her love for art, her fine arts degree and her marketing talents. The Sigma family wishes Kathleen well.

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People Power: Meet Maureen O’Callahan Sigma’s Customer Quality Supervisor

Maureen O’Callahan Sigma Design Company

Every team needs a capable all around player to keep them on track and Maureen O’Callahan serves this role for Sigma Design Company.  As Sigma’s Customer Quality Supervisor, Maureen is the first point of contact for new customers. Our engineering team relies on Maureen, who prepares bills of materials for new projects, handles procurement and ensures on time receipt of materials to keep production moving. Rounding out Maureen’s responsibilities are vendor management, accounting and shipping. She is surely the glue that holds the team together!

Maureen joined sigma in 1999 after an18 year career with Fisher Scientific which spanned data entry, inside sales, project management and customer service. She is always ready with an encouraging word and, of course, with her famous bowl of chocolates which puts a smile on everyone’s face. What Maureen likes best about Sigma is “the constant change of job details.Nothing is ‘same old same old’. The job is ever changing along with our customers’ requirements, therefore, it is never boring.”

Contact Maureen to learn more about our product engineering, mechanical engineering or prototyping services;  or about our sourcing, manufacturing and assembly services in our Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center in Middlesex, NJ USA : telephone at (732) 629-7555, facsimile  (732) 629-7556  and  mocallahan@sigmadesign.net.

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Sigma Design Co at the 2011 Middlesex County College NJ Job Internship Fair

Sigma Design Company was a proud participant on November 9 at the 2011 Middlesex County Job and Internship Fair.

Kathleen Lynch, Sigma (Center) with Interested Students

Sigma with its new ‘Technology Commercialization and New Product Manufacturing Center’ anticipates the need for engineering and technical professionals for high-wage, high-tech jobs in the coming years.

Sigma decided to jump start its sourcing efforts to identify quality candidates from New Jersey. “The Middlesex County Job Fair allowed us to put our name out in the marketplace and interact firsthand with potential candidates”, explained Kathleen Lynch, Marketing at Sigma.

Sigma Design Company – Promoting a New Manufacturing Era in New Jersey and USA

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